Muffin’s Quest For AdventureWill

To celebrate the year of his 70th Birthday, Muffin wanted to do something special. He didn’t want to stick around at home eating the odd carrot, helping Pete the pup to find his bones or to help Peregrine (many apologies Mr Peregrine Esquire) to solve the latest conundrum. He wanted a quest to show that he is still young at heart; he wanted people to sing his song!

So, after many chats that lasted well into the night drinking hot cups of cocoa and eating copious amounts of carrot cake (Muffin says it stimulates the mule brain) he managed to persuade me that it will be such great fun to have some more adventures and that we must live life dangerously, and fly by the seat of our pants – not literally flying I hasten to add or by our pants or too dangerously come to think of it! But I got the gist of what Muffin was trying to say.

So I agreed we should start looking for a place where Muffin can make camp and base himself. It will need to be a place where ALL his friends are welcome, where he can greet the children, parents and grandparents with a cheery ‘How do you do’, tell everyone what he is doing and where he is going to be. I am now looking for this ‘special’ place and will of course let you know as soon as we have found it.

Please do let me know if you know of somewhere that you think might be suitable? Muffin and I may well come and have a look.

I must warn you that Muffin and his friends are quite particular though (as I’m sure those who know Muffin and friends can well imagine) and therefore I already have a long list of all the key criteria! Here are just a few examples: –
~ A sandpit for Oswald the Ostrich with a compost heap close by for his best friend Willie the worm.
~ An igloo and large pond for Mr Peregrine Esquire with a good supply of sardines.
~ Another large pond for Sally the Seal to practice her tricks in. Peregrine has actually agreed to possibly compromise and share with Sally as long as a strict rota is produced and NOT too much splashing is done down his end when he is trying to work. Please remember that he is, of course, a highly intelligent penguin which means he must be very important!
~ On site hairdressers for Louise the Lamb to make sure her wool is tightly curled. Every lamb must look their best!
~ A mud bath for Hubert the Hippopotamus with a quiet and cosy area for dozing. I’m not too sure why we have to have a ‘quiet and cosy’ area as Hubert manages to nod off just about anywhere!