Muffin advertising the Hogarth PuppetsWelcome to the ‘official’ Muffin the Mule website. I’m Will McNally, grandson of Ann Hogarth (the person who pulled Muffin’s strings) and Jan Bussell (the show’s producer) and they were the co-owners of the Hogarth puppets. One possibly could say I’m grandson to Muffin as well? Muffin certainly likes to think so and indulges telling anyone who likes to listen of how he remembers me crawling around the sitting room in my nappy!

Muffin has not been idle these past years, appearing in many exhibitions from the V & A in London, to the Lowry in Salford, the Herbert Art Gallery in ‘The Story of Children’s Television from 1946 to today’ in Coventry. Muffin has also been helping me with what I grandly call my Presentation! We have been visiting groups telling Muffin’s story of how he became Muffin, introducing some of his friends, and of course the fun bit, bringing them all to life!

Muffin and his friends, however, have been longing to do more and so we have launched this website, and through social media too, we wanted to keep everyone informed on how Muffin is doing, where you can see him and his friends next, purchase some Muffin goodies and read some stories of his adventures. Check out Muffins photos on our gallery page!

Please keep watching the website or follow on twitter or facebook for all his latest news.

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