Muffin the Mule Book: Commemorating 60 Years of Muffin the Mule




Muffin the Mule BookMuffin the Mule Book: Commemorating 60 Years of Muffin the Mule with Memories and Memorabilia by Adrienne Hasler

“Divided in to three sections, the book gives some details about the human individuals who worked with Muffin and his friends, some whose names are familiar such as the Bussells (Jan Bussell and his wife, Ann Hogarth) and their daughter, Sally McNally, Annette Mills whose presence at the piano gave Muffin his voice through her songs plus some information about Alfred Gilson, the creator of the very popular ‘Moko’ metal puppet.

In addition, the book covers the story of what has been happening to Muffin and his friends since his early b/w T.V. appearances came to an end right up to his animation for CBBC in 2006. The second section is a wonderful set of recollections by Sally McNally who inherited Muffin from her parents, Ann Hogarth and Jan Bussell. These have been reprinted from the newsletters enjoyed by members of the Collectors’ Club which ran from 1999 – 2009. The club website remains on the internet although membership closed. Any enquiries can still be made to Adrienne Hasler who ran the Club. The last section of the book is a comprehensive Collector’s Guide which endeavours to give an idea as to possible availability/rarity of items and a price band. As a history of franchised merchandise it is also designed to help protect collectors against fake items which appear from time to time.

The book concludes with helpful lists of web-sites and further reading and a comprehensive index. It is everything you need to know about Muffin the Mule in one slim and handy volume.


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