Muffin the Mule at Pennywell Farm


We will be back at Pennywell Farm, Devon, very soon with 6 more days booked to celebrate Muffin’s 70th year!

On each day we will be telling the story of Muffin and how he came to be such a star and part of Children’s TV history. You will be introduced to the ‘original’ Muffin the Mule and some of his friends that appeared on Annette Mills’ piano top way back in the 1940’s and 50’s – some of the puppets are well over 70 years old! The puppets will be brought to life for you all to see the magic of each character which is followed by a clip of one of the original programmes. Finally, we will perform a short puppet show called ‘Just Good Friends’ where Muffin and friends are of course in the starring roles!

We very much hope you will be able to have a fantastic day out at the wonderful Pennywell Farm and come and see iconic figure too!

The dates booked are: –

Saturday 11th June

Saturday 25th June

Saturday & Sunday 30th /31st July

Saturday & Sunday 6th / 7th AugustOswald with Willie the Worm